Friday, November 13, 2009

Way 2 work

Every Thursday I leave my beautiful office and production space at home and get some worldly perspective... working for someone else. I find that this help in the creative sense, but also in the running of my business, keeping me in check with reality AND giving me a break from my 'zone', which can only be GOOD!

I jump on my pushy (my beautiful orange Townie), cross the river on the ferry to Tenneriffe, drop into New Farm to get my NF fix, ride along the river on theRiverwalk towards the Botanical Gardens.
I have to say... what a way to start the day!

The Jacaranda trees look so stunning and seem to be lined along the river on my cycle 2 work! They remind us that it is not only exam time, but summer is just around the corner.

I love the little fishing boats making their way back up the river after an early morning fishing. The pelicans and other birds following behind helping themselves from the trawl nets that the boat trails behind. You could almost be in a little fishing village somewhere.

As many Brisbane residents would know, the city is somewhat slack with maintaining beautiful historical buildings and seems far too slow to give many buildings not only historical but cultural importance listings. This 'shell' that you see (well it is only the two outer walls braced), was what was left by the destruction of a development company. What was originally there was a gorgeous Art Deco building. New Farm has many, and only several blocks down-river the same happened again earlier this year (though only dirt is left and in defiance of many many locals signing a petition in opposition to the planning).
Both of these sites now lay dormant. Defying not only historical and cultural importance, but apparently the conditions of development imposed by the BCC.
One word... karma!

My two cents over now... on with the journey 2 work. I absolutely love the Story Bridge. Its design is beautiful and I love to look at it from its undercarriage, all the concrete and steel that makes it what it is. It is certainly not an environmental statement, but it certainly is a statement of Brisbane!

At the end of the day

Heading home, with the sun setting over the city is a peaceful way to end the day.
I love the motion of this shot (no it's not me stopping on the way home to have a few beers).

Gorgeous day!


Sandrine said...

Oh Mel, this is a brilliant post!for one day working away, riding to work and the gorgeous pic you are sharing about Brisbane:)Merci!

Thea said...

That is a beautiful commute! Thanks for coming yesterday. You can view the blog pics now. See you Thursday. x

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