Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What a great evening @ the Networx Marketing function tonight. Held at the Melbourne Hotel, a great amalgamation of various industries. The topic tonight was 'Marketing on a shoestring budget'.


FANTASTIC PANELISTS! All provided insight into the 'behind-the-scenes' marketing tactics in times where budget is thin. Also providing insight into strategies that 'should be the norm'.

Leaving a lot of food for thought.
The main points of the forum are...

Some other fabulous people whom I met tonight.
The fabulous Sally Bagshaw from Snappy Sentences


Jane Davies from Cat and Moose

Paul Lynch from Ambition Creative
John Hacking from Search Tempo


With cameras I have always been a Nikon girl (apart from my first camera the good ol' trusty Pentax K1000) and too with sewing machines I have always been a Janome girl (again apart from my first 'little girls' Singer sewing machine).

I find that from time to time I seem to have... lets say 'disagreements' with my beautiful (new) Janome, and she has her limitations. In times like these I revert to my (old) Janome. Though the ol' gal is a little louder (and on the nose a bit from being stored in my mums shed for a few years), I wonder why I ever bought a new one. I can rely on the ol' gal and she is a work-horse.

I have to say I love them both... equally of course (as you would two of your children). So with this I shall go back to my work table and finish up a four more Ocean Breeze Midi's. I will make sure to use both my 'babies' equally for each of their strengths!
Oh how I personify things!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

YOGA... Monday morning bliss

Better late than never... I have just recently started regular YOGA. It's not that I haven't done it before, it's just that I have never committed to doing it on a regular basis.
The Brisbane Yoga Studio is in Bulimba, with sessions run by Laya Fisher, who has taught yoga internationally for almost 10 years..
I jump on my pushy on a Monday morning, after a couple of intense hills arrive @ the Inner Harmony Centre in Bulimba. After the session take a detour leisurely cycle along the riverside to return home. I must say that this is a fantastic way to start the week!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

David's off Oxford

We love living just around the corner from some amazing eateries. Oxford Street, Bulimba has so much to offer. It is alway vibrant and colourful. My husband and I indulged in a beautiful meal out last night.
We went to David's off Oxford. I had the Beef and my husband has the Blue Eye. OMG how delicious! Along with a bottle of gorgeous Shiraz, we certainly left feeling relaxed and satisfied.

BrisStyle Meetup @ Lock 'n Load, West End

Yesterday I took a cycle over to West End to meet up with some of the gals from BrisStyle @ Lock 'N Load.
Fantastic venue! It was my first BrisStyle catch up and it was lovely to put some faces to names.

Robyn from Hot Fudge and from and Julia from A Creature Strange and a gorgeous piece of quilting in the foreground, sorry I didn't catch who made this beautiful gem...
I didn't get a shot, but Patricia from Pbyersdesign brought a gorgeous new apron for show n tell.

For more info on all the BrisStylettes go

Check out this pile of fabric...
I have to say a great BIG thank you to Katie from Kittie Boo Boo for opening up her boot for some fantastic freebies of fabric!!! Thank you, I'm looking forward to having a play. Also thanks to the gals that know me well and as they were sorting through the boxes, kept handing me little gems.
Also a mass thnx to Teneale from Wicked Child Designs who kindly delivered the fabric that I wasn't able to carry on the back of my bike. Thnx :-)

After our little freebie session, we then headed off to have a look @ Nook.
I fell in love with a number of gorgeous things, however since I had laden up my bike with so much already I am going to make a special trip back to have a closer look and make a couple of purchases.
What a fantastic day of inspiration!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Italian Dreaming...

Sometimes, pictures are all you need...
Shall write more later :-)
In the meantime... ENJOY!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fashion Markets @ Hawkins - SAT 03

What a lovely day @ the NEW Fashion Markets @ Hawkins. A great day of meeting new people and putting faces to names.

The gorgeous Simone from MiMi First. As I wasn't quick enough to catch a pic of her, follow the following link: to have a look at the amazing woman herself and her beautiful beautiful designs!

My lovely next door neighbors. Beautiful night wear and fabulous fascinators!

Sharron from Shazzabeth, with some gorgeous designs

The wonderful others that I didn't get a photo of... Anita from Button Beads and her beautiful button creations... I simply wanted to eat!
The lovely ladies Holly and Merena from Me & Holly B, have some beautiful labors of love in the form of some divine bags!
AND Liv and Jan from Functional Artists, creating some gorgeous tea cosy's, aprons, yes authentic 50's style and some goegeous bags.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fashion Markets @ Hawkins - SAT 03 & Soutbank Young Designers - SUN 04

This weekend Taybian is off to a new Fashion Market @ Hawkins.

Located in 'The Garden Dome', a gorgeous undercover at
the Hawkins Garden and Lifestyle Centre,
1666 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler.

If that wasn't enough of the early morning starts, Taybian will also be heading to Southbank Young Designers Market.

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