Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cange of Local

It was long overdue our move into a bigger house.
Our move to Brisbane found us land in New Farm in a gorgeous 2 bed apartment. Very modern, handy and private. However with both my husband and I growing our businesses AND running them from home, we desperately needed more space. Esp. for me to have my very own space to create (and I suppose to have license to be messy - messy Melissa as christened by my nan) was imperative.
Hence our new 3 bed (yeah!) townhouse, with heaps of light, balconies, privacy but fantastic local in Bulimba we can now breathe.
As you can see I have made myself very comfortable, still getting things organised.

Will get there given time.

Boutique Markets Sunday 9th Aug

The Boutique Markets @ Portside Wharf this Sunday just gone.
Tried out a new display, adding a little backdrop to the table display. Thanks all for the feedback, I was doubting it was working (still will make a few little changes).

As always it was a lovely day and again met some new beautiful people. Alarna from Little Jane Street
has some gorgeous gems. Make sure to check them out. We both fantasised about taking our products on tour, for a little road trip to the Finders Keepers and Magnolia Square. Will keep you posted!

For now back in the studio to get a little production done while I can. Meeting with a textile manufacturer tomorrow on the way to meet with a pattern-maker. Exciting!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well it has been a while. I am quite slack in the blogging region. Now I am trying to make a concerted effort to get some blogging done!

Have been wandering around... sorry I mean researching some websites and came across this gorgeous... sorry I mean GORGEOUS!!! collection of bags from the hand-made Melbourne brand Te. Find their collection here: http://www.temono.com.au/catalog/leather_bags.php?language=&currency=

More snippets later...

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