Friday, November 20, 2009

Thea & Sami studio visit

This weekend just gone I ventured to Thea & Sami's studio for an open day and have a look at how Thea creates her gorgeous textiles.

Being in Thea's studio got me reminiscing about my days at uni. I was fortunate enough to go the the Tasmanian School of Art, arguably one of the worlds most beautiful art insititutes in the world! Set within an the old IXL Jam Factory, the building still retains much of the machinery from another day.

Sorry a little digression... So anyway I studied a double major of Photography and Painting. Watching Thea with her 'work clothes' on, the beautiful big work benches/spaces, the printing and washing down her screens made me want to come home get out a couple of canvasses and start making a mess. Unfortunately I shall have to leave this creativity for another day.

Below are some images taken by the fabulous, multitasking mum and photographer extraordinaire Catherine from Celebrations Studio


Thea said...

Thank you for visiting. I'm glad you find it inspirational. Don't I look glamorous? Haha.

Catherine Lowe said...

:) Thank you

kiran said...

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