Friday, November 27, 2009

I have been a very busy little bee this week.
Predominantly making lots of goodies for the upcoming markets...

BrisStyle Indie Designers

St. Augustines Church, Racecourse Rd, Hamilton

Sat 5th Dec (9-4)

Southbank Young Desginers

Little Stanley St, Southbank

Sun 6th Dec (10-4)

‘Twilight Market’ @ GoMA

GoMA Galley Store Forecourt

Fri 11th Dec (4-8)

Boutique Markets

Portside Wharf, Hamilton

Sun 13th Dec (9-3)

I also attended the very first Boutique Markets Information Rendezvou. The girls' at Boutique, Kerry, Leasl and Rachel have been working tirelessly on not only supporting local designers/crafters/small business through their fabulous market (2nd Sun of every month @ Portiside Wharf), they support them in many other ways, such as this event!

Images courtesy of Boutique Markets

Images courtesy of Boutique Markets

Images courtesy of Boutique Markets

The Information Rendezvou provided a fantastic forum for Serina Beirne fromAustralian Fashion Partners to present amazing insight into what makes up a successful small business in the world of fashion. I was lucky enough to have met Serina before at a previous function as well as in Melbourne at Fashion Exposed a few months along with her business partner Dominic Beirne. It was lovely to meet her again and listen and let her words of wisdom fly around my creative mind. A lot of food for thought! I look forward to working with them in 2010 to assist the Taybian label to grow.

Anyway, for now it's back to the sewing machine to get some more divine purses and clutches made...

BrisStyle Indie Designers

St. Augustines Church, Racecourse Rd, Hamilton

Sat 5th Dec (9-4)

Southbank Young Desginers

Little Stanley St, Southbank

Sun 6th Dec (10-4)

‘Twilight Market’ @ GoMA

GoMA Galley Store Forecourt

Fri 11th Dec (4-8)

Boutique Markets

Portside Wharf, Hamilton

Sun 13th Dec (9-3)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sign Up To Hear About GOODIES And GOSS!!!

FYI Taybian Design on Facebook, Taybian Website AND NOW ON THE TAYBIAN DESIGN BLOG, we have a E-news sign up. Sign Up To Hear About GOODIES And GOSS!!!

Make sure to sign up to keep up to date with all the fabulous giveaways and competitions, make sure to check out the latest comp HERE, as well as keeping up to date with the latest collections and designs from Taybian Design.

xx Mel @ Taybian Design

Sign Up To Hear About GOODIES And GOSS...
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ABCD last Thursday

Last Thursday night I headed over to Bar Alto @ the Powerhouse
for an ABCD (Artists | Bloggers | Creatives | Designers) catchup.
This fab event is organized by two fantstic gals,
Kim from Udessi and Steph from Bondville. Thanks!

Delight, delight, delight! GOODIIIIEEE BAG! This is where all the fabulous people that attend these catchups can showcase a little of who they are and what they do!
Some divine goddies inside... I could not wait...

Daneve from Chicuff, spreading some Christmas cheer with her candy cane and gorgeous brooch.

The gorgeous gals Ellie and Danielle from Selvedge House created this beautiful pouch,
filled with dried rose petals. I love love love everything about this,
the fabric, design, smell :-)))))))

The fabulous Teneale from Wicked Child Designs... What can I say??? Brilliant and ingenious! Teneale I love how your mind works!

Now I think Thea fom Thea & Sami was reading my mind, I was in the market for a new headband. I loved it so much I couldn't resist wearing it as soon as I pulled it out of the goodie bag!

The beautiful Alischa from Bespoke Letterpress Boutique has these beautiful, beautiful letterpress cards. I have seen them on her blog and website, and though the images are gorgeous and descriptive, noting compares to seeing the beautiful card in the flesh.
You must buy one/some for your loved ones this Christmas!

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful butterfly from Karla of Leonhard Pfeifer.
This divine and seemingly insignificant little butterfly is the member of a much larger project that karla undertook. To give you an idea of the project I will quote from the info provided with the butterfly...

"Anna Mini.Bar from Vogue September 2008.
Fashion, some would argue only lasts moments, fluttering by and touching only the most glamourous, who enjoy a luxurious life of parties, champagne and dress-ups.
US Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, the inspiration behind Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, created a Vogue masterpiece of 798 pages in September 2008.
*798 butterfly clusters hand cut and sewn from the pages of teh US Vogue September 2008 Edition delicately perched waiting for the next new thing."

Amazing! Karla told myself and Sandy of the amazing task of hand cutting four sections
(for each butterfly) and sewing them together.
My hat's off to you Karla. What beautiful work. I would have loved to have see the installation!

Friday, November 20, 2009

'Italian Dreaming' photo series, now available as divine hand crafted leather bookmarks

Had I mentioned the beautiful Taybian Design 'Italian Dreaming'
photographic print collections' latest addition???

We have introduced some limited edition,
hand crafted leather bookmarks.
The 'Italian Dreaming' collection was shot by Melissa
from Taybian Design in regions and cities throughout Italy,
including, Rome, Florence,
Cinque Terra, Tuscany, Alessandria, Genoa
and not forgetting the jewel... Venice!

Using local beautiful leathers,
these beautiful bookmarks will make the perfect gift!

These will be available online soon and will definitely feature
at the upcoming markets that Taybian Design will be at.


Sat 5th Dec - BrisStyle Indie Designers Market

Sun 6th Dec - Southbank Young Desginers Market

Fri 11th Dec - 'Twilight Market' @ GoMA

Sun 13th Dec - Boutique Markets

Thea & Sami studio visit

This weekend just gone I ventured to Thea & Sami's studio for an open day and have a look at how Thea creates her gorgeous textiles.

Being in Thea's studio got me reminiscing about my days at uni. I was fortunate enough to go the the Tasmanian School of Art, arguably one of the worlds most beautiful art insititutes in the world! Set within an the old IXL Jam Factory, the building still retains much of the machinery from another day.

Sorry a little digression... So anyway I studied a double major of Photography and Painting. Watching Thea with her 'work clothes' on, the beautiful big work benches/spaces, the printing and washing down her screens made me want to come home get out a couple of canvasses and start making a mess. Unfortunately I shall have to leave this creativity for another day.

Below are some images taken by the fabulous, multitasking mum and photographer extraordinaire Catherine from Celebrations Studio

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HUGE GIVEAWAYS with Christmas on our doorstep :-)

Dear friends,

Well Christmas is upon us! Can you believe it? It's mid Novmeber and we are all starting to realise that we haven't organised the accommodation for our Christmas getaways, or have not secured the venue for our work Christmas party (arhhh) AND realise that we have not ticked off all the people on our Christmas gift list.

I don't know if you are like me, but I always have every intention of making gifts for friends and family for Christmas (or any Birthday for that fact). When it comes to this time of the year, I realise with a little dissappointment in myself, that realistically I do not have enough time to make anything! I'm too busy palnning the accommodaiton or venue, as well as a million other things.

Do not fret!

There are plenty of incredibly talented people out there selling their beautifully hand-crafted creations.
In Brisbane many of these talented individuals, along with Taybian Design, will be featured at the following local boutique Markets:

Saturday 5th December
BrisStyle Indie Markets
@ St. Augustines Church, Racecourse Road, Hamilton

Sunday 6th December
Southbank Young Designers Market
@ Little Stanley St, Southbank

Friday 11th December
GoMA Twilight Markets
@ GoMA (Gallery of Modern Art), Southbank

Sunday 12th December
Boutique Markets
@ Portside Wharf, Hamilton

At these markets, along with her very popular AW09 Debut collection, Taybian Design has introduced a new 'Summer Satchel & Accessory Collection 09/10'. ALL pieces in this collection are LIMITED EDITIONS! This means that there will only ever be very small quantities made, therefore making each bag even more unique! This collection will include: satchels (fitting up to a 17" laptop), midsized satchels, purses, clutches, a variety of belts, bangles and more.

The AW09 colletion along with the new 'Summer Satchel & Accessory Collection 09/10' is available at the above-mentioned markets as well as online through the official Taybian Design website, etsy store and


In the spirit of Christmas Taybian Design will be offering a HUGE Taybian giveaway. The prize for the lucky recipient will be YOUR SELECTION of a Taybian Bag as well as one accessory (i.e. belt/bangle/bookmark).

So I hear you asking "What do I have to do???"
Simple: BLOG, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, (or any other online medium) about Taybian Design (and this competition). Feel free to use any images in this email, on my blog, website or FB. You can also enter by forwarding this email to at least 5 of your friends/family.
All you need to do is email me to let me know your comms (making sure to provide me contact details in the event that your name is drawn)!

You get the following:
1 entry for either a Tweet or FB entry/link
2 entries for blog post/mention
5 entries if you forward this email to 5 or more friends
10 entries if you do all of the above

The competition will drawn on Monday 21st December.

So happy comms to all.

xx Mel
Taybian Design

Summer Satchel & Accessory
Collection 09/10.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Way 2 work

Every Thursday I leave my beautiful office and production space at home and get some worldly perspective... working for someone else. I find that this help in the creative sense, but also in the running of my business, keeping me in check with reality AND giving me a break from my 'zone', which can only be GOOD!

I jump on my pushy (my beautiful orange Townie), cross the river on the ferry to Tenneriffe, drop into New Farm to get my NF fix, ride along the river on theRiverwalk towards the Botanical Gardens.
I have to say... what a way to start the day!

The Jacaranda trees look so stunning and seem to be lined along the river on my cycle 2 work! They remind us that it is not only exam time, but summer is just around the corner.

I love the little fishing boats making their way back up the river after an early morning fishing. The pelicans and other birds following behind helping themselves from the trawl nets that the boat trails behind. You could almost be in a little fishing village somewhere.

As many Brisbane residents would know, the city is somewhat slack with maintaining beautiful historical buildings and seems far too slow to give many buildings not only historical but cultural importance listings. This 'shell' that you see (well it is only the two outer walls braced), was what was left by the destruction of a development company. What was originally there was a gorgeous Art Deco building. New Farm has many, and only several blocks down-river the same happened again earlier this year (though only dirt is left and in defiance of many many locals signing a petition in opposition to the planning).
Both of these sites now lay dormant. Defying not only historical and cultural importance, but apparently the conditions of development imposed by the BCC.
One word... karma!

My two cents over now... on with the journey 2 work. I absolutely love the Story Bridge. Its design is beautiful and I love to look at it from its undercarriage, all the concrete and steel that makes it what it is. It is certainly not an environmental statement, but it certainly is a statement of Brisbane!

At the end of the day

Heading home, with the sun setting over the city is a peaceful way to end the day.
I love the motion of this shot (no it's not me stopping on the way home to have a few beers).

Gorgeous day!

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