Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Latest blog love

I have been a fan of Mady's two blogs MADY DOOIJES and ABUNDANCE for a while. Her blogs are beautiful (and when I say beautiful I mean BE-E-AUU-TIFULLL!) Her styling, images and her own beautiful work is so so so gorgeous. Indulge and enjoy!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My workroom of late...

The past few weeks have been SO hectic! I have been finalizing my designs for my next collection. Many a late night (hence the fuzziness of the images). These have been just some of my 'tools of trade' of late. Believe it or not, I am actually needing to invest in more 'tools', scissors and some much larger cutting implements (more about that later on). Like shoes (see previous post), bags (of course!), accessories and clothing, these 'tools' are as important 'investment' pieces!


Tasmanian Timbers

Whilst I was in my homeland of Tasmania just recently, I decided to bring back my own little piece of Tasmania. This ruler is simply divine and has a little samples of all Tassies prominent gorgeous timbers:Tea Tree, Celery Top Pine, Eucalyptus, Blackwood, Sassafras, King Billy Pine, Huon Pine and Myrtle.

These rulers have been produced my two local brothers (from the Huon region) for many many years.
Let's hope for many years to come!

If you are heading to Tassie at any time, make sure to head down to the Salamanca precinct on the docks. I purchased this ruler (plus a GORGEOUS Blackwood chopping board) from the lovely Val Moehrke from Gallery 77 & the Ringrove Collection.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

... my new puppies for my new puppies...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Italian Stye and peep toe shoes... my new puppies

Yesterday I made an 'investment piece' purchase.
Note: I truly believe that these are a necessity
in life, love and business!

I was looking for a practical pair of summer shoes, I came across the most ridiculously gorgeous pair of peep toe high heels. I could not say no to these shoes. As with most women, I have one foot slightly smaller than the other. I debated and debated if the 'party feet' or heal grip would be enough. Then I listened to myself for just a second and realized that the longer I procrastinated, the more I would talk myself out of purchasing these amazing shoes.

So now with my purchase made, I could not be happier!!! They are gorgeous, sexy, comfortable and make me feel fantastic. Exactly what women (and men) want from an 'investment piece' purchase.

Not only this, it was bringing back all types of wonderful images from Italy. The decadently and immaculately dressed 'Italian Goddesses' walking down the ancient stone streets
of Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan. (sigh).

How amazing that one accessory can provoke
such feeling and emotion! :-) for my new puppies...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The winners selection...

The Major prize winner for my xmas giveaway competition was Catherine Lowe, who today dropped by the Boutique Markets to pick out her prizes!
And she picked a beautiful Jasper Midi Handbag and an O-Ring feature belt!


Don't forget to check out her BLOG and the fabulous, multitasking mum and photographer extraordinaire's website too Celebrations Studio

Have you looked at the night sky of late?

I went for a night cycle tonight. Perfect weather and so gorgeously peaceful!
I then realized how clear a night it is, looked up and behold the natural beauty, and thought to myself... when was the last time I looked at the night sky? I can remember when I was younger always delighting in 'looking up'.
Take the time tonight, tomorrow, or at least some time soon to... look up!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Who's talking about Taybian??

Paddy Hintz's writes a great 'Shop Smart' blog for the Courier Mail. Check out her latest piece HERE.

I know, I know, it's been a while since I have written in my blog. It is not because I am slack, simply my dedication to developing my new collection has taken over. It is looking SO SO SO exciting, beautiful and almost edible. I look forward to showing you all in a few months time!

So in the meantime to whet your palettes with the current collection.