Wednesday, October 28, 2009


With cameras I have always been a Nikon girl (apart from my first camera the good ol' trusty Pentax K1000) and too with sewing machines I have always been a Janome girl (again apart from my first 'little girls' Singer sewing machine).

I find that from time to time I seem to have... lets say 'disagreements' with my beautiful (new) Janome, and she has her limitations. In times like these I revert to my (old) Janome. Though the ol' gal is a little louder (and on the nose a bit from being stored in my mums shed for a few years), I wonder why I ever bought a new one. I can rely on the ol' gal and she is a work-horse.

I have to say I love them both... equally of course (as you would two of your children). So with this I shall go back to my work table and finish up a four more Ocean Breeze Midi's. I will make sure to use both my 'babies' equally for each of their strengths!
Oh how I personify things!!

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