Friday, January 15, 2010

Italian Stye and peep toe shoes... my new puppies

Yesterday I made an 'investment piece' purchase.
Note: I truly believe that these are a necessity
in life, love and business!

I was looking for a practical pair of summer shoes, I came across the most ridiculously gorgeous pair of peep toe high heels. I could not say no to these shoes. As with most women, I have one foot slightly smaller than the other. I debated and debated if the 'party feet' or heal grip would be enough. Then I listened to myself for just a second and realized that the longer I procrastinated, the more I would talk myself out of purchasing these amazing shoes.

So now with my purchase made, I could not be happier!!! They are gorgeous, sexy, comfortable and make me feel fantastic. Exactly what women (and men) want from an 'investment piece' purchase.

Not only this, it was bringing back all types of wonderful images from Italy. The decadently and immaculately dressed 'Italian Goddesses' walking down the ancient stone streets
of Rome, Florence, Venice or Milan. (sigh).

How amazing that one accessory can provoke
such feeling and emotion! :-) for my new puppies...


Curly Jo said...

well darn it where is the pic??? you have me in suspense just imagining

PretaPawte said...

Come on Mel where's the pic??

Nicole said...

yay for 'investment pieces'
enjoy x

Taybian Design said...

Enjoy ladies :-)

Walk The Sand said...

These are incredible soes. I love that print.

Hot Fudge said...

If your feet die, it will be for a good cause. What stunning shoes. I heartily agree with your perception of the Italian Goddesses. During our travels through Italy recently, we were hard pressed to find an unattractive Italian woman, from babies to nineties. In Rome my husband would wait before attempting to cross the road until an Italian Goddess came along to stop the traffic, and he would follow in her wake.