Monday, December 7, 2009

Babes in Business Lunch @ Giani's Portside

Last Friday I attended the annual Babes in Business Lunch @ Giani's, Portside Wharf.
It was their 10th anniversary! Congrats!!!
So on my journey to Portside Wharf, I caught the City Cat and wandered past these old chaps dusting off their feathers, I think posing, in front of all dining in Bretts Wharf Restaurant.
Moments like these certainly put a smile on your face (a giggle or two) and spring in your step. What a great way to start my day!

Back to the lunch...
I was a newbie to the BiB annual lunch, but I am sure if I was a seasoned regular I would still have been blown away with the organization (event despite a table mix up in the beginning for our table!) and the imagination!
Gift shop, goodie shop (OMG how indulgent), glamour shots (can't wait to see the pics, so hilarious!!!), hair and make-up touch-up shop, all in a fabulous location, Gianni Events @ Portside Wharf, Hamilton.

I shared a table with some fabulous women (and man). In this pic (above), Danielle Crismani and Ruth Marshall from Stanwell and John Wells, all of whom I met at a previous BiB function.
I also met some new fabulous women at my table. Georgia Thornley and Nicky Lonergan from SV Partners also the gorgeous Claire Lousie, who designs beautiful bridal and formal wear (contact her on:
Thank all for a fabulous day!

Just as a note you MUST check out Danielle's beautiful blog Digella's Emporium!

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